The Council of Marine Professional Associates (COMPASS) was established on April 9, 2008 in response to a deep-felt need among industry stakeholders for such an organization.

As its constitution stipulates, COMPASS is an organization of “private-sector businesses and public-sector organizations directly involved in marine transportation activities. (design, operations, support, human resources development, labour supply and consultancy.)”



The mission of the Council of Marine Professional Associates (COMPASS) is to promote the development of the marine transportation sector and facilitate the participation of COMPASS members in marine transportation industries.

It seeks to fulfill its mission through the following objectives:



The activities and initiatives of COMPASS are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of five executive officers and four additional directors. The composition of the Board of Directors represents the broad scope of marine transportation stakeholders.


President – Captain Peter Adams, Desgagn├Ęs Atlantik Inc.

Vice President – Rick Ellis, Ocean Choice International

Treasurer- Mark Quinlan, Newfound Resources

Secretary- Jeff Simms- EIMSKIP

Director – Sheldon Anstey, Secunda Canada

Director – Broooke Cameron, Algoma Central Corporation

Director – Gerry Puddister, Puddister Trading Company

Manager- Lisa Connors Pike- lisa@marineprofessionals.ca


At the 2020 AGM we adopted new COMPASS Bylaws. Thank you to everyone for their input and support. If you would like a copy please email our office.